About me

Much of my inspiration comes from nature. In particular, I like to zoom in; the tiniest creatures give me the most pleasure — iridescent dragonflies darting over a sparkling pond, or cheery little birds going about their business of collecting food for their young. I tend to think of these subjects as small in scale, grand in scope. To capture this, I typically utilize lyrical, swirling lines and bright colors to express the delight I take in these small creatures. I'm also inspired when I feel tiny — a single entity in a world of wonder — gazing up at a sky full of stars on a crisp night, or watching waves roll in as I dip my toes into the ocean. Again, color and line are my elements of choice to portray such mood and emotion. In keeping with my approach, most of my original works are small as well, as I like the intimacy of finding surprises in a piece I can hold in one hand.

For me, art is all about making connections. Initially the connections are inward as I move my work along and search for just the right curving line or the perfect color. If I have done my job properly, the viewer will feel a connection as well — either with me or with my art, or ultimately both. I also very much enjoy the relationship — the connection — with the author or poet when I am illustrating, deriving great satisfaction when the client lets me know that I've "nailed it."