Gel Printing Workshops

What is gel printing?

Gel printing is a fun and versatile process that leads to delightful and often surprising results. It’s also quite addictive! Workshops are great for beginners, collage artists, crafters, hobbyists, and artists wanting to learn a new monotype process. Diana will demonstrate color blending and gradations, creating textures, using masks and stencils, botanical prints, transparent vs. opaque paint, and more.

The basic gel printing process

A gel plate is floppy and squishy like a piece of molded gelatin. 

Paint is applied with a brayer or other tool (fingers, brushes, cardboard, etc.) to the gel plate. Stencils, masks, and various tools to create texture can be used to alter the paint. 

Paper is then pressed by hand onto the plate to transfer the paint to the paper. Because the plate yields to the pressure, a printing press is not needed for the transfer.

Paint is applied to the gel plate with a brayer or other tool.

Paper is pressed by hand onto the plate to transfer the paint to the paper.

Working with Stencils

Stencils can be used on gel plates to create backgrounds for cards and scrapbook pages.

Working with Plants

Easily create botanical prints with your favorite plants from your own backyard.

Create collage papers

Create your own collage papers to use in your work.


Create one-of-a-kind artworks.